Imagine having to face life without tampons and pads

Imagine having to face life without tampons and pads

Meet Chelsea VonChaz – activist, feminist and founder #HappyPeriod, providing menstrual hygiene kits to our underprivileged and homeless sisters.


In fact, Chelsea’s movement supplied 75,000 tampons to victims of Hurricane Harvey.


The United States has a homeless population of over 500,000 and of that population, half of them are women. While these women struggle to take care of issues like food and shelter, the basic necessity of caring for their monthly cycles goes unaddressed. In fact, even in emergency situations, tampons and pads are considered nonessential “luxury items” while razors are considered necessity.

“I actually came up with the idea of #HappyPeriod one day when I was driving in Hollywood at a stoplight. It was very visible that she was on her cycle. And that changed my life because I thought to myself, what do women who live on the street do when their time of the month comes?” Chelsea explained. So, she asked a representative at the homeless shelter and was told that the shelter was more likely to get donations of toothbrushes and toilet paper than pads and tampons.

My girlfriend told how she grew up so poor that she had to fashion period protection out of paper towels and cotton balls. I was shocked. But this humiliating dilemma hit home in a whole new way when a family member who was a minor was denied the means to access feminine hygiene and was too ashamed to ask for help. So, she resorted to stealing. It broke my heart. I stood with her in juvenile court when she explained her predicament to the magistrate. And this this is one of the reasons why exists.

Let’s help support our less fortunate sisters with the basic necessities to manage their monthly cycles with dignity.

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