My new OB/GYN is a guy

My new OB/GYN is a guy

…and he’s GREAT!

by Carolyn Crain, Contributing Editor

I had an appointment yesterday with a new male OB/GYN doc and it was FABULOUS! And as great as the #MeToo movement is, I fear that this type of male-doc-to-female-patient experience will not be allowed to continue in the future. The doc was wonderful!

For probably most women, OB/GYN appointments are not something we look forward to — what with the paper gowns, the feet up in the stirrups, the probes, and the awkward doc-patient conversations that go on while the doc’s face is in between your legs and you can’t even make eye contact because you are separated by a mountainous paper gown. Anyway, I hope you get the picture. It’s not a warm and fuzzy experience. And this was with a new male doc, so let’s just say I was looking forward to it about as much as I would a visit with the dentist for a root canal.

Okay, now that the stage is set, let me tell you that this doc (oh, and his new male resident too) made me feel at ease with pre- and post-exam conversations in his office so we could discuss issues while I was fully dressed — very professional, very thoughtful. And here’s what else he did to put me at ease (and here’s the point of my long-winded post) is that we also exchanged several off-color jokes that might make some ladies blush. Not me! I chimed right in and joked and laughed and was grateful for the comical banter that worked to relieve any anxiety.

Now, I’m not suggesting every gal is fine with vaginal discharge and obstetric jokes — or being told that you are either experiencing menopause or are just being a little extra bitchy — but this obviously professional doc could read his audience and see that with me, this helped settle me down and laugh at the situation.

The shame of it is that, in my humble opinion, the #MeToo movement is being hijacked by women coming out of the woodwork with insignificant encounters (gasp, he touched my knee!), 20 years later (oh, I didn’t report it at the time but it ruined my life). And now companies and male leaders will be forced to crack down so hard that women and men won’t even be allowed to ride alone in elevators. Or men won’t be able to make pleasant conversation, like telling a woman she looks nice, for fear of future misconduct accusations. And I won’t be able to have encounters like my enjoyable first-visit-with-a-new-male-GYN-doc appointment.

There, I got to the point. Yikes! For those that bothered to read all the way through, I hope you got it.

P.S. This story is told way better in person when I can use body language to act out the parts like laying on a table in stirrups talking to the doc between my legs! 

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