She Calls Herself a Gynochiatrist

She Calls Herself a Gynochiatrist

SOULBRATION: Meet Dr. Pamela Dee

She helps patients navigate through menopause and relationship issues. I was invited to a movie screening for Dr. Pam’s celebrity-packed documentary Love, Sweat and Tears by event sponsor Nina Helms of SHE Intimate Fitness™ in collaboration with the Toledo Women’s Health Integrated Network.  The “hard fact” documentary dispels myths, exposes taboos and reveals the truth about how women’s lives are impacted by menopause and thoughtful ways to approach this stage of life. And of course, how can resist the quirky quips of Jenny McCarthy and the acerbic humor of Joan Rivers on the topic? Rivers passed away shortly after the filming was complete and the documentary is dedicated to her memory.



With so many heartfelt stories and hilarious insights, what struck me most was Dr. Pam’s own story of how she became committed to studying medicine as a young girl so that no one else would have to endure the same suffering and shame. That’s why she says she’s on a mission to “save the menopausal vaginas of America.” I look forward to speaking with this ground-breaking menopause warrior and sharing more of her story soon!

[ Featured image of Dr. Pamela Dee and Joan Rivers via the official Love, Sweat and Tears documentary site. ]



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