This Device Helps Make Going and Going, GONE!

I’m test driving a device that’s giving my pelvic floor a real workout!

Childbirth can take its toll on the lady parts. So will running, caffeine consumption and getting older. Yes, I’ve got ALL of that going for me! So, is incontinence inevitable? Perhaps NOT!

The early results are quite promising. It’s been about 8 weeks since I’ve been using the FDA-approved Yarlap® pelvic floor stimulator to strengthen pelvic muscles to help prevent issues of both stress incontinence and urge incontinence.

And while it certainly seems to be helping with leakage, I have to say, the secondary effects are freaking phenomenal! OH YES! It’s definitely getting stronger down there.

Now the Yarlap device is not a vibrator, so don’t get too excited. But it is like physical therapy for your pelvic floor. That means it strengthens and tones those muscles by stimulating vaginal contractions with electrical pulses. It only makes sense that use of this device has an amazing side effect of enhancing the intensity of intimate relations. I’m not complaining!

Interestingly inventor, Brent Reider, explains that Yarlap addresses issues of pelvic floor wellness, that’s why it also addresses a number of associated issues like back pain, knee pain, hip pain and more. What I found particularly interesting is that Reider, explained that Yarlap is not a replacement for Kegels, but it can, in fact, help train your vaginal muscles to perform Kegels correctly and more effectively. I say so far, so good!

I love that the device has some built in safeguards, which makes me feel much better about sticking an electronic device up in there (SIDE NOTE: did you that your vibrator isn’t FDA approved? Interesting, right?). I’m horrible when it comes to reading instructions so I was happy to discover this YouTube tutorial.

The truth is, I still drink way too much coffee. And I’ve found that copious caffeine consumption is still not a good idea before a long run. But at this point, as long as I save coffee after my run, I’m not having issues with leakage.

Want to know more? Here are a few more reviews. And I will continue to keep you posted with updates on my personal experience.



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