We Are Worthy of Being Believed #metoo

It was a moment of vindication, not just for the 62 victims of Bill Cosby, but for all victims of sexual assault – men and women, declared former Cosby Show child actress, Lili Bernard, after sentencing at yesterday’s history-making re-trial.

These victims have fought back through the court system for decades. There were so many road trips, so many hearings, so many tears as they fought for justice. But to add insult to injury, they have also fought against stigma, blacklisting and threats. After all, to so many of us, Bill Cosby represented “Cliff Huxtable, America’s Dad.” The fact that this man, famously known for being a kind-hearted father figure, could commit a series such ugly crimes was simply unbelievable to most of us.

But through it all, the Cosby victims have become so much more than disheartened defendants. And what was meant to destroy them and only worked to make them stronger. They have formed an incredible bond; a sisterhood.

Thank you for standing for all of us and reminding us that we are worthy of being believed. #metoo #timesup


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